Pura Fé, whose name means "Pure Faith," was born in New York City and an heir to the Tuscarora Indian Nation. She is an artist, an activist, and much more. Her musical journey, running the gamut from folk to mainstream through an artful use of the blues, reflects the concerns of an artist who grew up in the Motown era, while citing Buffy Sainte-Marie,Charley Patton and Joni Mitchell as her true mentors. And, more widely, “traditional music from all over the world, wherever the spirit is connected to our roots.”  

Pura Fé has studied and performed with The American Ballet Theatre Company, has been in several Broadway musicals and TV commercials. She has sung for The Mercer Ellington Orchestra, countless Jazz, R&B, Rock bands and has stamped her distinct vocals on many recordings, demos, jingles, music videos and movie sound tracks/trailers through out her career. She is a founding member of the internationally renowned native woman’s a capella trio, Ulali, and is recognized for creating a new genre, bringing Native contemporary music to the forefront of the mainstream music industry.  

Pura Fé won a Nammy (Native American Music Award) for Best Female Artist for ‘Follow Your Hearts Desire’. She also won an L’académie Charles Cros Award (French Grammy) for Best World Album for her ‘Tuscarora Nation Blues’ album.

Fabulous ... astonishing ... playing searing, slicing, lap-style bottleneck guitar, Tuscarora tribe descendant Pura Fé blends world beat rythms with Southern blues and her own powerful vocals.”

— Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle

This beautiful songbird transcends time and brings the message of our Ancestors who have sewn this beautiful seed, that makes powerful music.”

— Taj Mahal

Pura Fé appears in Sundance Film Festival documentary, "Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World." Watch the exclusive trailer here.

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